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Splurge Or Save: Comparing Perks in Three Hotel-Heavy Hoods

When it comes to finding a place to stay, D.C. has the full range of prices. What's more, some of the less expensive options can still be pretty nice. However, for planning a high profile event, enormous wedding or the trip of a lifetime, it might be worth your while to shell out the extra dough. As such, we've compared one moderately priced hotel and one exorbitantly priced hotel in three of the neighborhoods rife with options, so as to help you answer the question: save or splurge? To keep things consistent, all of the prices shown below reflect what it currently costs for one adult to stay in town from April 4th to April 5th.


Hotel Harrington

Price Range For One Night: $135 (small double) - $199 (deluxe suite)
Choose To Stay Here If: You want to plan your guided tour right in the lobby and get the most touristy experience possible. Also of note, Hotel Harrington is one of the oldest hotels in the city and just celebrated its 100th birthday.

Willard Intercontinental

Price Range For One Night: $383 (Deluxe King Room) - $3,360 (The Washington Suite)
Choose To Stay Here If: You potentially want to run into a famous politico. Presidents and authors (Mark Twain and Walt Whitman) have stayed there, the lobby is enormous and you just might see a familiar CSPAN face at Round Robin.


Tabard Inn

Price Range For One Night: $135 (Shared Bath/Double Bed) - $200 (Private Bath/Queen Bed)
Choose To Stay Here If: You like the feeling of a home/tavern. It's absolutely a more personal experience and a neighborhood institution with a bar that locals will brunch at as well. That said, keep in mind that you might be sharing the shower.

Dupont Circle Hotel

Price Range For One Night: $233 (Superior Room 1 King Bed or 1 Double Bed) - $649 (Luxury Suite 1 King Bed With Balcony).
Choose To Here Stay If: You want to be in the center of Dupont Circle. Perhaps you're a visiting dignitary, or maybe you like what the nightlife options are in Dupont. Also, this is the place if you want to bring your pet (for a fee).


Georgetown Inn

Price Range For One Night: $249 (Accessible Room) - $299 (Georgetown Suite)
Choose To Here Stay If: You're coming on a company trip or if you're a senior. Those rates go down. Also, if the only room amenity that you really need (because you'll be shopping all day) is a Keurig coffeemaker.

Four Seasons Hotel Washington D.C.

Price Range For One Night: $545 (Deluxe Room) - $1095 (Capital Suite although for the more expensive suites, you'll need to call for prices)
Choose To Here Stay If: Nothing less than a five star, five diamond luxury experience will do.