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The Past Week in Weird Listing Photos: Olive Plate Edition

Welcome to our look at this week's weird, unique, hilarious and terrible listing photos. Have you seen something in a listing photo that made you shake your head in disbelief? Send a tip.

It's always a risky move when looking at a home that's being sold "as is." At best, that's a fixer-upper project and at worst, a total money pit. So that's what makes the olive plate all the more suspicious. Food photos are always a little weird in listings (even though the idea of a tapas party is pretty nice), but they're even weirder in a place being sold "as is." So, does that include the olives? Is that supposed to distract from a far bigger problem? What does it all mean! Also in this week's odd photos, eyesores for bedrooms and the worst inadvertent selfie that's shown up thus far. Enjoy.
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