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The Twelve Richest Neighborhoods in D.C. Right Now

[Original photo by Elvert Barnes]

There's a lot of money in the D.C. metro area, but the Higley 1000, which uses information from the Census Bureau's American Community Survey 2006-2010, shows exactly where that money lays its head. Of the richest 1000 neighborhoods in the country, 102 are in the D.C. area, although only twelve of those are in D.C. proper. Virginia and Maryland account for 46 and 44 of those affluent neighborhoods respectively. In fact four of those suburban nabes crack the top ten with the Bradley Manor-Longwood in Bethesda coming at at #2 overall. With an annual household mean income of $599,440, that's no surprise. As for those other three uber-pricey neighborhoods: they're in Potomac, MD and McLean, VA. None of the D.C. neighborhoods even show up until #126 in the top 1000. Here are the twelve that made the cut.

1) Spring Valley ($354,727)
2) Foxhall Crescent-Wesley Heights West ($336,498)
3) Kent ($318,400)
4) Forest Hills North ($316,140)
5) Cleveland Park West ($306,496)
6) Logan Circle Northeast ($297,744)
7) Georgetown (residential core) ($296,577)
8) Chevy Chase ($290,931)
9) Tenleytown North ($278,859)
10) Palisades ($252,529)
11) Massachusetts Heights ($251,498)
12) Cathedral Heights ($250,456)

Now, these neighborhood boundaries may not be exactly as District residents know them. Interesting how they break some neighborhoods like Tenleytown, Cleveland Park and Logan Circle down into smaller areas but then combine neighborhoods like Wesley Heights and Foxhall Crescent. Also, Logan Circle is one of the richest 1000 neighborhoods these days, and there's a higher mean income there than in Georgetown's residential core. That's a notable change since the last Higley 1000.
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