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Comparing Senator McCaskill's New And Old Condos

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[The After Image may not be Senator McCaskill's new condo, but it is a very expensive unit in CityCenter DC. Photo by Gerry Suchy]

Not that CityCenter DC needed any legitimacy lent to them, but nothing says "street cred" quite like a Senator moving in. Missouri's first female Senator, Claire McCaskill announced in December that she would be selling her condo on Massachusetts Avenue. A $749,750 sale is currently pending at the downtown place and we know that she has bought potentially the most expensive unit thus far at the H Street megaproject at $2,713,150. But other than the fact that she's dropped nearly $2 million over the course of both transactions, there's woefully little information that's been released about her new condo. The listing has no photos, and no revelation of square footage or number of bedrooms. So after the jump, we've got a quick comparison of the things we do know which are the amenity packages for both buildings.

· Retail: Her old building's retail tenants included CVS and Sixth Engine. Her new building will have Kate Spade, Tumi and Daniel Boulud's DBGB Bar & Kitchen.
· Community Areas: Her old building includes a rooftop deck, billiards room, party room and business center. CityCenter DC's rooftop deck actually merges seamlessly with the billiards room and party room, so during the summer months there's no separation. Also, there are multiple terraces throughout the buildings.
· Workout Areas: Her old building had a pool and a gym. CityCenter DC also has a yoga room.
· Neighborhood: Her old building is right by the Verizon Center. Now she's by the Convention Center.
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