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Which 1BR Under $460K Makes You Feel Starry Eyed?

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It's time for this week's Real Estate Death Match. Last week's matchup saw a decided win for the Mt. Vernon Square condo over its U Street competitor at The Floridian. Central neighborhoods for the win! As such, here are two relatively central neighborhoods (okay, that's stretching a bit for West End) that we've put up for this week's fight. This is Real Estate Death Match: Penn Quarter vs. West End Edition.

Address: 616 E Street NW #320
Price: $459,500
Square Feet: 821
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This condo at The Clara Barton isn't quite as pricey as the one that featured in our Pricespotter game a few weeks ago, but it's also not a two bedroom condo spanning two stories. It is absolutely the larger of the two competitors and in addition to being downtown, The Clara Barton also has a lot of community amenities such as a pool table, concierge service, meeting rooms and a rooftop pool. There's also parking available to rent should you need a space for a vehicle.

Address: 2311 M Street NW #703
Price: $445,000
Square Feet: 598
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This one bedroom at Mark on M is significantly smaller, but it also costs a little bit less and has many similar building amenities, including rental parking and a roof deck. The private balcony is impressive and whomever currently lives in the unit has decorated it to look like an open, gorgeous photography gallery.

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