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Re-Introducing: The District of Columbia War Memorial

[Photo by Adam Fagen]

Just because a memorial is right off the National Mall in West Potomac Park doesn't mean it can't be hidden. In fact, the District of Columbia War Memorial is literally off to the side under some trees and not drawing nearly the visitors that its neighboring monuments have. The domed temple atop columns and marble base was designed by architect Frederick E. Brooke almost looks like a mirror of the Jefferson Memorial across the water, although with a 43 foot diameter, it's clearly much smaller. It was built and dedicated in 1931 to commemorate the D.C. citizens who died in the first World War and their names are inscribed on the base. In fact, this is the only memorial on the National Mall or West Potomac Park to be a city-specific memorial rather than something of national import. It was also the first war memorial built behind the Washington Monument in West Potomac Park. This makes sense as World War I preceded the other three wars commemorated in that part of the city.
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