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U Street vs Mt. Vernon Square: Which 1BR Would You Pick?

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Welcome to this week's Real Estate Death Match. Last week was a nailbiter between Capitol Hill and Waterfront, but ultimately the unit from LoveJoy Lofts in Capitol Hill pulled out the victory. The stakes haven't changed much this week, but the neighborhoods have. Ready your voting fingers for Real Estate Death Match: U Street vs. Mt. Vernon Square Edition.

Address: 929 Florida Avenue NW #6004
Price: $465,000
Square Feet: 883
Beds, Baths: 1/2

This one bedroom at The Floridian is geared toward the lover of the loft and the lover of nightlife. This is very close to the 9:30 Club and tons of other bar and nightlife options in just a small three block radius. This is the more expensive option but it's also got an extra bathroom and about 100 more square feet. Also, this comes with an underground parking spot which may become increasingly rare in the near future.

Address: 1001 L Street NW #410
Price: $425,000
Square Feet: 734
Beds, Baths: 1/1

This one bedroom at Quincy Park Apartments is a might smaller, but it also costs less and is closer to the middle of the city. This apartment also has its own assigned parking space and it's pet friendly! Furthermore, it boasts a walk-in closet and private balcony.

Poll results

The Floridian

929 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC