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Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial Design May Finally Be Kaput

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Things looked good for the surprisingly controversial Eisenhower Memorial when it last surfaced in the news. The Frank Gehry design, which prior to its latest edits had ticked off everyone from members of Congress to architecture critics to Eisenhower's own family, had finally received the approval of the Commission of Fine Arts to move forward with the project. While not exactly "Mission Accomplished," it's certainly progress and a far cry from disgusting nearly everybody.

That was back in July. Notice that there hasn't been much of a peep, or at least not much of an uproar since then. Then The Washington Post brought everyone crashing back to reality with the information that the federal budget that was passed earlier this year removed all funding for the memorial's construction but that the Eisenhower Commission still stands behind the Gehry design. While the commission still has some money, this move is problematic since Congress ultimately needs to authorize the project due to its location on the edge of the National Mall. Back in June, almost as many people thought the Smiths would reunite before the Eisenhower Memorial would reach completion. We've decided to revive that poll in light of this new evidence. We've removed the "hell freezing over" and "pigs flying" options this time. Place your vote after the jump.

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Eisenhower Memorial

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