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Apparently, Fairfax is a Mecca For Hipster Flips

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[Photo by Martha Heinemann Bixby]

Um, Congratulations? RealtyTrac has given Fairfax the dubious award of having the zipcode where the most homes have been flipped to hipsters. Although the article is filled with hipster-iffic graphics like thick glasses, ironic mustaches and argyle sweaters in their "how to flip to hipsters" sidebar, it looks more like "hipster" is just a fill in word for "millennial who takes public transportation". But six zipcodes in the D.C. suburbs (although oddly enough, not the most exciting one) are featured in the top ten neighborhoods in the country where homes are flipped to hipsters. So, just in case you're keeping score, hipsters rent in Ballston and buy in Fairfax, Alexandria, Rockville and Hyattsville.
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