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Here's a Fun Map Showing Where D.C. Residents Go Running

If it has ever seen like D.C.'s neighborhoods just north of the National Mall are disproportionately full of runners, it's because they are. This gorgeous map above courtesy of FlowingData shows the locations in D.C. where people run. Upon making maps for twenty-two different cities, the intrepid author, data collector and map-maker Nathan Yau notes, "If there's one quick (and expected) takeaway, it's that people like to run by the water and in parks." That would certainly explain why the darkest lines on the map go all the way through Rock Creek Park. Also in keeping with this trend, there are clear running routes around the National Mall, into the Tidal Basin, around Roosevelt Island and on both sides of the Potomac. In terms of road running, it looks like Connecticut Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue carry a lot of particularly quick foot traffic. For those who notice the perplexing lack of lines along the Anacostia River or who wonder why the purple lines seem to stop short before reaching Columbia Heights, it's worth noting that this data is culled from people who use the RunKeeper app.
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Rock Creek Park

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