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Patterson Mansion Re-Invention Take Two: Apartments!

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First it looked like the most expensive house in D.C., the $26 million Patterson Mansion, was on its way to becoming a boutique hotel. As of October, Dupont's Advisory Neighborhood Commission had approved French Quarter Hospitality's project and they were ready for their next step of getting approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board. Except that they didn't get that approval from the Historic Preservation Review Board. Oops. That piece about tearing down the Mansion's annex and putting up a new building in its stead didn't sit well with the HPRB. No surprises there.

Well, now developer SB-Urban is looking at turning the sixteen bedroom, 36,470 square foot home into 90 luxury apartments. If that math doesn't add up (16? 90?) it's because this developer is, wait for it, looking to add a six story addition. Not that proposals for building annexes always get knocked down, but that plan didn't go over so well when the last developer proposed it. Maybe they'll go for a more neo-classical looking addition. Do you all predict that this new plan will work? Also, how expensive would those apartments be?
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The Patterson Mansion

1645 31ST STREET NW, Washington, D.C.