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Which D.C. Neighborhood Has the Most Exciting Architecture?

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[Photo by Caroline Angelo]

Remember this fun architectural walking tour of the National Mall? It's a fun guide for cool looking places that you may want to show your visiting relatives. Then again, two of your visiting relatives may be architects with their own firm who want to see other parts of the city. What's more, many of the neighborhoods have interesting historic structures. So, what neighborhood do you, Curbed Readers, believe to have the most interesting architecture? Do the Kennedy Center and the Watergate buildings give Foggy Bottom an unfair advantage? Do you prefer the cozy row houses of Georgetown? Are the turrets in Bloomingdale unbeatable? Vote in the poll below! Also, it's entirely possible that we've left out your neighborhood. Before you take out your pitchforks and storm the Curbed Headquarters, you can just send us a tip or drop a kind little nudge in the comments section and we can add your neighborhood to our poll!

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