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Which D.C. Suburb is Actually the Most Exciting?

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[Photo by Chester Hawkins]

Earlier today, light-hearted real estate trend-mapper Movoto put together its list of America's most exciting suburbs. Virginia and Maryland had several mentions (although what Frederick, MD is a suburb of exactly is unclear), but the highest ranking for a D.C. suburb was Silver Spring at 13th. Alexandria came in 16th. And the Bethesda folks are just plain miffed at being completely left out. Arlington was also excluded. Perhaps Arlington had too much in the way of fast food options? Did Bethesda not have enough live music venues or nightlife options? Either way, Curbed has put together a poll after the jump. Which D.C. suburb do you think is the most exciting. Vote or let us know in the comments if we missed your favorite suburb.

Poll results

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