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What $2700 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

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Searching for a rental to fit your budget? This week, Curbed Comparisons takes a look at rentals for those with a bit more in the way of disposable income to spend monthly on a place. As always, the folks at Zumper found these rentals for us.

↑ This 2 bedroom in Logan Circle is not furnished, so that's the good news for people who like design and hate moving in with potentially ugly furniture. On the flipside, it's bad news for those who dread the idea of moving chairs, tables and bookshelves. At least moving a washer/dryer won't be an issue: there's one in the apartment. Dogs are fine for this living space, but if moving boxes contain a litter box and a cat tree, this is not the right place.

↑ This two bedroom corner apartment in Dupont Circle includes utilities, cable, internet and furniture in that $2700/month rent. Not that the furniture is terribly exciting, but the private balcony and roof deck with saunas and pool are much more exciting. No pets allowed though, so look elsewhere if bringing the dog/cat is a necessity. Also, look elsewhere if you don't like the idea of meeting your neighbors at the ground floor laundry room.

↑ This NoMa 2 bedroom option is in a pet-friendly building with more luxurious touches. For $2698/month, there's access to a parking garage, a rooftop terrace, a fitness center and a club room with video game systems. Also, of note, this building is smoke free. If you need your nicotine fix, this is not the place for you.

↑ It looks like the lease on this Capitol Hill two bedroom is meant to accomodate interns looking for some sort of Real World D.C. (as in the MTV show) experience. For one thing, there's a queen and a twin bed in each bedroom. For another thing, the listing states that this is the best place to stay for someone planning to stay in the city for 3 to 6 months. When dividing that $2700/month rent by 4, it is only a $675/month place close to Eastern Market!

↑ For $2616/month, this Columbia Heights one bedroom is a little smaller than the other options, but it does come with floor to ceiling windows for a great view of the city. No pets allowed here either.