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Highlights From Tour of Mayoral Hopeful Andy Shallal's Home

Today in fun insider videos, The Washington Post's PostTV took a tour of the rowhome of Busboys & Poets owner and candidate for mayor, Andy Shallal. Although they don't spend as much time actually going through the abode's finer details (like for instance, the D.C. Cribs series from Now This News), seeing the wealth of artwork in his house. Also, is anyone surprised that part of his draw to the home was the espresso machine in the kitchen. Still, more telling than the house's seven fireplaces are Shallal's comments about his neighborhood, Adams Morgan, and the changes coming to D.C. in general. Take a look after the jump for a few of Shallal's most interesting quotes about development and the city.

· On the Best and Worst Things about Washington, D.C.: "I think the best part is the 'D.C.' part. The worst part is the 'Washington' part."

· "The economic development that's been happening in this city has been breakneck and some of it very exciting and very, very positive, but has left a lot of people out."

· "I'd love to see D.C. retain its sense of place and different neighborhoods. I think when you have very fast development happening in a city, it ends up to start to look the same after awhile. I'd love to be able to retain some of its character."

· On Adams Morgan: "This was an exciting, eclectic place...when there was an opportunity to buy something here, I immediately jumped on it."

· "There's the other side of D.C. that I think people that live here love and appreciate. It's one of the most artistic cities in the country."
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