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Museum of Science Fiction & Science Channel Combine Forces

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Here's some good news for the large chunk of Curbed readers who voted the Museum of Science Fiction the unfinished museum that they anticipate the most. Silver Spring based network The Science Channel will become the museum's official media sponsor. While this means promotional support for things like their Indiegogo campaign to fund their preview museum, it also means that museum attendees will see content from the Science Channel woven into interactive museum exhibits. Also, the two will have a collaborative presence at this year's Awesome Con, a local comic convention in their second year that predicts an attendance of 40,000 people and features guests from television shows such as Firefly and Dr. Who. The Museum's Executive Director, Greg Viggiano says he sees the partnership between the three organizations as the basis for D.C. as a science fiction hub on this side of the country.

"With what we're talking about now and some of these partnerships coming together, it's not inconceivable that this could become an East Coast Comic Con, like out in San Diego."

The Museum's Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign, which will fund a little over 5% of the initial preview location will run through March 9th.
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