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It's Official! Williams-Addison House Goes Under Contract

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The Williams-Addison House, one of the most expensive listings to hit the market in the past few years has gone under contract at its original asking price of $16.8 million. This property has only been on the market for slightly over two months, which means that all of the heavily scrutinized renovations must have really paid off. The gourmet kitchen, luxe soaking tub and almost superfluously enormous wine cellar particularly stand out as bright spots in the once-deterioriating 1817 estate. Also, this relatively quick connection to a (still anonymous) buyer shows that the Williams-Addison House has done better on the market than some of its exorbitantly priced brethren. To review, the buildings that formerly held the Textile Museum have remained on the market at their $22 million asking price since June. The $10 million Rales Mansion in Bethesda has been on the market since May. After plans for a boutique hotel fell through, the $26 million Patterson Mansion is now awaiting the necessary approval to become studio apartments. Finally, this nostalgia trip has not breathed any life into this apparently delisted $16 million Palisades home. Way to go, Williams-Addison House! Check out the gallery above.
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Friendly Estate

1645 31st Street NW, Washington D.C.,

The Patterson Mansion

1645 31ST STREET NW, Washington, D.C.