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This Petworth Home's Listing Photos Are Irredeemably Awful

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The listing states that this three bedroom Petworth home is a diamond in the rough, but there's no visible sparkle in any of these photos. A few looks at the exterior show a boarded up window on the second floor, unkempt ivy and odd pieces of fencing just lying around the backyard. Inside it gets even worse and that's over and above the clutter and proliferation of cardboard boxes. Nobody put away the mop and bucket sitting in the kitchen. The top of the bathroom toilet is nowhere to be found. There is an enormous trash bag on one of the beds and trash is everywhere. Apparently cleaning up and taking out the trash really is too much to ask. So, who wants a $399,900 1708 square foot fixer-upper?
· 1241 Shepherd Street NW Washington, DC [CDC]