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D.C. Suburbs Named Best For Home Ownership Far From D.C.

[Photo by cliff1066™]

The folks at NerdWallet took a look at the neighboring towns in Virginia that would be the best places to buy a home. They determine that eight of those top ten places are nearer to D.C. than any other large city, but anyone looking for the most affordable and available places to live in the Commonwealth will have to go significantly beyond the Beltway. Number one spot, Linton Hall, VA is just down the road from Jiffy Lube Live, that bane of D.C. live music lovers' travels and many of these suburbs require at least a ninety minute drive from the city. A few locations, like Chantilly, are slightly more familiar (hello, Dulles Airport!) and others like Franklin Farm, VA will be closer to the Metro area once the Silver Line is finished. Would you endure a ninety minute commute if it meant owning a home?
· Best Places for Homeownership in Virginia [NerdWallet]