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VA Paintball Field's Biggest Opponent is...a High Schooler?

In proof that NIMBYism doesn't come in just one color, shape or age, an environmentally conscious high school freshman has been the most vocal opponent of a new paintball field in Fairfax. Although landowners Jeff Waters and his wife have stipulated that their project, Castle Creek Paintball, will include green elements such as eco-friendly paint and gun cartridges that don't expel carbon dioxide, Jake Galla claims that isn't enough. His Facebook page, entitled the Popes Head Creek Crisis Program, states, "The traffic and construction will disrupt our community, there also some negative environmental impacts the facility will impose." Although Galla's dedication is admirable and he appreciates that the Waters couple opted out of building McMansions on the property, he has already been called out on his own page for having bad information about the detrimental effects of the paintball equipment. What do you think, Curbed Readers? Would a paintball field be a massive environmentally detrimental undertaking?
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