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Big Reveal: $289,650 For Well-Lit Petworth One Bedroom

On Monday, we offered a peek into a sunny one bedroom condo at Petworth Flats. This time, all the estimations were a little high, but an interesting trend developed wherein each guess aimed progressively lower. One commenter pointed out the difficulty of choosing a price in a neighborhood where moving two blocks away can alter real estate value. "Impossible to really guess without knowing anything about the location. Is it two blocks from metro or 20?" It's definitely closer to the Petworth Library than the Metro, but giving that away takes the fun out of the game! Incidentally, that commenter got the closest with their guess of $325K. Take a look at the full gallery after the jump for a more extensive look at the condo.

· 4226 7th Street NW [Redfin]
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