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Whoa, Four Condos Are Asking Under $300K in Capitol Hill

When this Capitol Hill condo under $300K popped onto the Curbed radar, it raised some eyebrows and one very interesting question. Is this best deal on the market in Capitol Hill? Well it is at least the cheapest property unless some Hill East properties are roped into the equation. If that's the case there are actually four condos on the market in the greater Capitol Hill area asking under $300K. Let's take a look at them!

Carolina on the Hill is literally blocks away from the Capitol building (and as such, the Capitol South metro), so how in the world is a one bedroom condo in this great of shape and in this location only asking $285K. It's worth mentioning that it's only 464 square feet and that the renovated building was originally constructed in 1800. Whoa.

↑ This looks tailor-made for someone ready to buy a fixer-upper. This 633 square foot one bedroom is being sold as is, this short sale was negotiated by a settlement company. It's empty and it's asking $239,900, but it's a good opportunity for an industrious type who wants to live near the Stadium-Armory metro.

↑ The newest listing in Capitol Hill is a 488 square foot one bedroom. For those who need some more space, the building has a cool shared patio and grilling area. Still, even within the condo, the available nooks within the open floor plan make the place seem bigger (even though the washer/dryer is inside the walk-in closet).

↑ This one bedroom on Massachusetts Avenue has been on the market the longest out of any of these apartments. That's to say, it's the only one that's been sitting around for over a month. Hard to say why considering the 545 square foot condo is well-furnished, well-lit and pet-friendly.