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Winning MLK Library Design Team Will Keep Mies: Mies

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It's official! The architecture super-team of Mecanoo/Martinez & Johnson has received the bid to renovate the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. Although each of the three teams pledged to honor the original Ludwig Mies van der Rohe design, Mecanoo/Martinez & Johnson was the only one of the three teams whose design lacked any extreme changes. The Patkau + Ayers Saint Gross team had a central cloud-like structure as the centerpiece of the library renovation and the STUDIOS + Freelon design had a noticeable exterior addition on the roof in their renderings. Looks like their dedication to "Keep Mies: Mies" has paid off. To recap, the M/M&J design also calls for transforming the library into a LEED Gold facility (complete with green roof) and had a far more detailed floor by floor plan. Refer to the gallery above to take a look at the winning aesthetic.
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