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Which Two BR Condo Under $360K Is More Exciting?

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Welcome to your post-President's Day Real Estate Death Match. In last week's Logan Circle and Columbia Heights rematch, Logan Circle came out on top once again with nearly three quarters of the vote! Whoa. This week's two bedroom competitors are more featherweight than middleweight with a price cap of $360K. Also, one of these neighborhoods is a newbie in the Real Estate Death Match ring. So please welcome the Real Estate Death Match: Eckington vs. Mt. Pleasant Edition!

Address: 1831 2nd Street NE #502
Price: $359,900
Square Feet: 800
Beds, Baths: 2/1

This two bedroom condo at the Metropolitan Overlook is Eckington's first entry into the REDM ring. The floor plan is more open than its competitor's and it's also working with a little more square footage. Plus, take a look at the views from those comfortable looking couches on that roof deck!

Address: 1673 Park Road NW #B2
Price: $359,000
Square Feet: 761
Beds, Baths: 2/1

This Mt. Pleasant condo looks a little drab right now, but it's nothing that a different couch or some colorful accents couldn't fix. Plus, look at the sweet stainless steel appliances in the kitchen! It's listed as a terrace level apartment which is clearly brokerbabble for basement apartment judging by the tiny windows. However, the slightly cheaper competitor comes in a building with a small bike room and cardio gym.
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