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What $1950 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

Looking for a rental that falls in your price range? We present Curbed Comparisons for those who are just not ready to pay $2k per month. The folks at Zumper tracked down most of these rentals, but this first one actually comes courtesy of a tipster who hit us up on Twitter.

↑ This 660 square foot apartment is almost directly across the street from the National Zoo. The posting states that at $1900/month, it's an ideal space for a couple (or two people wherein one doesn't mind the idea of one sleeping in the living room). There's an open house this Friday.

↑ It's not clear whether this one bedroom penthouse unit in Capitol Hill Tower Apartments by Nationals Park is asking $1975/month or $1850/month. The latter is listed in a larger font size and a brighter color, so hopefully that's the magic number. That magic number goes up by $200/month if you want to park your car, but the private balcony, fitness center, concierge service and indoor spa are included in the rent. Also, pets can come, too!

↑ For $1950 per month, this cozy one bedroom just south of H Street NE is available. There's a washer/dryer in the apartment itself, which is always a plus and lots of closet space. However, if you're a smoker or a pet owner, stay away. Also, while the listing claims that the room is filled with light, the one and only interior photo says otherwise.

↑ No one ever said that paying $1950/month equated to excellent taste in interior design (hello, boring brown couches!) but whoever moves into the 750 square foot one bedroom near the Waterfront will have a garage parking space included in the rent. This lease will be for no fewer than twelve months and if you make a case for bringing your pet with you, they might oblige. The building will not oblige smokers, however, so look elsewhere if you want to enjoy an outdoor pool, concierge and club room.

Flats 130 at Constitution Square is a building known for its luxe digs, but $1950/month can get you a 616 square foot one bedroom apartment. Of course it can also get you the rest of the advantages of living at Flats 130, like living above a Harris Teeter, having access to a gym and roof deck and having a walk-in closet.

National Zoological Park

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