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How Much For This Well Lit 1 Bedroom Condo in Petworth?

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Welcome to Pricespotter, the Curbed asking price guessing game. Put your sleuthing skills to work and place your guesses in the comments once you've seen a handful of listing photos and some pertinent property details. See how well you did as we reveal the price later this week. No cheating!

What/Where: 1 BR/1 BA condo in Petworth
Square Feet: 653
Homeowners Association Fees: $225/month

Looking at the photos of the luxe kitchen and living room, it may be hard to believe that this is a renovation. Sure enough, this complex was originally constructed in 1925 and really, how many new buildings are there in Petworth? The bay windows bring in a lot of light, and there's a walk-in closet and washer/dryer adjacent to the bedroom. There are your hints so let's get to guessing!
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