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D.C.'s Smallest Apartments For Those Who Are Flying Solo

Statistically, D.C. is a land of singletons. Yes, part of this unmarried 73.3% of the population may still be partnered up, but everyone else will be spending this Hallmark holiday partying it up with other single people on their own. One thing to be said about living alone is that not as much space is necessary for two sets of belongings. For this sect of the population for whom sitting on a couch in front of the refrigerator is no problem, we've found (with some help from Estately) the smallest studio apartments for sale in the area. But the list will not include that itty bitty 278 square foot micro-unit in Columbia Heights. It's under contract.

Remember this 298 square foot condo? It has regained its title as smallest condo on the market! But for having the fridge, couch and bed all on top of each other, it's got an enviable location and a lot of natural light. Also, it has a $250K price tag.

↑ This studio near Union Station seems a might less cramped on account of having a couch (with puppy pillows!) that can double as a bed...maybe? Most folding out beds don't really look like that. Also the 395 square foot apartment at Capitol Hill West Residential does very well in terms of closet space. Ask is less as well, at $220K.

↑ Possibly the classiest of the small studios, this 454 square foot spot in Adams Morgan is actually large enough to separate the dining room and kitchen from the sleeping and living room. Additionally, check out that walk-in closet! Ask is just under $260K.

↑ This 461 square foot studio in Southwest just screams "bachelor pad." The decoration is sparse and the bed sits uncomfortably behind the TV-facing couch. However, it's the only one of these studios with a balcony and it's also the least pricey at $185K.