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Latest Listing Photo Technique: Enlist an Amateur Model?!

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What. The. Hell. Apparently, the realtor, the seller or SOMEONE involved in the sale of this $1,382,000 five bedroom home at the edge of Foxhall and Georgetown thought that the 3,800 square feet of this 1948 home needed some spicing up in the listing photos. So they brought in this amateur model for seven photos (8 if you count the photo where only her elbow and leg are showing) and she vamps and pops like Instagram's finest. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall when that agreement happened! "Hey, what do you think will really make this perfectly stylish bar, kitchen and sunroom pop in the listings? There's exposed brick, lots of natural light and beautiful stone work but it's just missing something that screams 'Twitter Generation Come Hither!'" "How about this young woman in torn jeans to pose in aforementioned kitchen?" Just, wow. Congratulations on finding the only thing that could distract from the fact that the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations are still up.
· 1610 Foxhall Road NW [Estately]