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Louis At 14th Teasing Potential Clients With Dark Interior Pics

[Photo courtesy of Louis at 14th]

Actually, Louis at 14th is teasing with just one dark interior photo that it shared over Twitter. Still, it's both an exciting and maddening sneak peek into the massive luxe new development coming to 14th & U. It's exciting because it's the first look anyone has had at the long, modern cylindrical fixtures and the clear stairway. Heck, it's the first look anyone has had inside a remotely finished part of the complex at all! As for the maddening aspect...well, it's a dark photo that was clearly taken on a phone. As such, the juxtaposition of delicate glass stairways and possibly industrial walls look cool...maybe? Are those walls in the foyer made of aluminum? Hard to tell. It piques interest all the more, so keep the tips coming, Louis!
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Louis At 14th

1920 14th Street NW , Washington, DC , 20009