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What $3000 Per Month Can Rent You Around D.C.

Looking for a rental that falls in your price range? This week, Curbed Comparisons takes a look at rentals for those with a higher budget cap. Once again, the folks at Zumper tracked down these rentals.

↑ Shockingly, there are one bedroom condos going for this much! Then again, this is in Columbia Heights where it's been established that the rent is too damn high, so $2994 per month is about on par. This one bedroom at Capitol View on 14th is nicely sized at 795 square feet and has a washer/dryer inside and a fitness center and pool in the building.

↑ Who knew there was anything other than office buildings by Farragut Square? For $3069/month, there's this one bedroom at the Camden Grand Parc. It's 934 square feet and there's daily continental breakfast for those people who are too tired to put together any sort of sustenance first thing in the morning.

↑ Shockingly, there are one bedroom condos going for this much that are only 654 square feet! Then again, this is in the Clara Barton Condominiums which is spitting distance from the Verizon Center, the Portrait Gallery and the National Mall. $2950 per month also gets you access to a fitness center, an in-house theater and a sweet roof deck with a grill.

↑ Finally, we head to Camden NoMa for the only available two bedroom in this post. It's rather large at 1057 square feet and as the floor plan makes clear, there's a large balcony and built in surround sound docking. So basically, this $2976/month rental meant for parties.

Capitol View on 14th

2420 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009