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Because When You Own A Penthouse, It Can Have a Barn Door

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Well, here's one way to bring a sense of the country into city life. Sure, it would be easier to go with gingham curtains or well-placed artwork of cows. But this is the penthouse of The Metro, a two-level 1,600 square foot monstrosity that's asking $1.329 million. So, you know what, why not have a barn door to separate the living and dining spaces? Well, one could use those two side-by-side parking spaces for a tractor, but let's not go overboard here. Besides, the massive wooden door somehow fits in with the rest of the not terribly countrified condo. Plus, that enormous roof terrace, entirely private. Take a look at the gallery for the rest of the penthouse.
· 1444 Church Street NW #704 [Estately]