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The Top 10 Biggest Developments to Watch Out for in 2015

Gehry Partners, LLP, 2013

These are projects that have either not started or not completed, but they're so big and beautiful that they can't be missed as they progress in 2015. These are the projects that will change the District's landscape, tourism, and even transit. Some of these developments have been covered by Curbed DC a number of times (i.e., D.C. United Stadium, H Street streetcar), and we probably won't stop as more and more news comes out every few weeks. With other projects on our top 10 list, though, it's more of a waiting game as we wait for planning to meet rendering. See what projects will take Washington by storm on our list of the top 10 biggest developments to watch out for in 2015.

10) H Street Streetcar

9) Bethesda Metro Park

8) Frank Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial

7) Merriweather District in Columbia

6) Gondolas in Georgetown

5) Dupont Underground's Transformation

4) McMillan Sand Filtration Site

3) Capitol Crossing

2) D.C. United Stadium

1) Washington, D.C.'s first elevated park

Ballston Common Mall

4238 Wilson Boulevard, , VA 22203 (703) 243-8088 Visit Website

Capitol Crossing

250 Massachusetts Avenue NW, Washington, DC