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Horizontally Challenged $1.25M Capitol Hill Townhome

This Victorian townhome was built during the turn of the twentieth century and is now on the market for any homeowner looking for a little history with their luxury. While the facade is maintained, the insides have been completely renovated with built-in shelves, stainless steel appliances in the kitchen, and recessed lighting. Vertically, the three-story home is spacious with high ceilings, but horizontally, the hallways are pretty narrow. Additionally, the grey-and-gold damask-patterned wallpaper in the living room may not fit every homebuyer's tastes, but there are no funky patterns elsewhere in the house as each room tends to be painted a simple pastel yellow or light grey if not painted white. If in need of help with the $1,250,000 listing price, the home also comes with an in-law suite.

· 419 7th Street, SE [Redfin]