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The Top Eight Most Eyebrow-Raising Homes That Came Onto The Market in 2014

There are some homes that make you fall so hard in house love that you feel like you're about to swoon. There are some homes that are so hideous that you not only want to run as far away from the property as possible, but see it torn down until nothing is left. And then there are some homes like the ones on this list where they're in this perfect medium where you don't know if you love them or hate them, but you certainly know that you can't seem to stop staring at them. These are the homes that make you elbow your friend in the gut so hard, while saying, "Hey, you gotta look at this foyer." Whether it's a small detail like a weird window treatment or a large detail like a polyurethane foam coated house, this is Curbed DC's list of the eight absolute weirdest homes that hit the market in 2014.

8) Luxury Is the New Pink in $3.2M Georgetown Home
We're going to start our list off by picking on the little details, and this "little detail" won't make you spit out your coffee, but it will make you do a double take or three. Take a look at that window. Is that even a window? What is that? According to Curbed National, it looks like a cross between a great-aunt's slow-moving kiss and a throw pillow from the Reagan era.

7) Where Does the Sunroom End and the Bathroom Begin?
This Capitol Hill home is all about letting everything hang out (if you know what we mean). In the home's solarium, there's a strangely hidden bathroom in the middle of a seating area. The bathroom is camouflaged by a mirror that juxtaposes the frosted glass in the room. It's a weird addition that would make it difficult to go to the loo comfortably and privately.

6) Branch Out with This Wood-Paneled Takoma Park Bungalow
Wood on the floors, wood on the walls, wood on the ceilings, wood everywhere! This home is perfect for a homebuyer looking to make a rustic escape out of the city or looking to make camp fire big enough to signal into outer space.

5) Prim and Proper Alexandria Victorian Wants $3.6M
This fancy schmancy listing sports original Victorian details, ceiling centerpieces, ornate molding, and for some reason a Washington Capitals-inspired room. Contrasting the luxuriousness of the listing, the red-and-blue-painted room has a wall decal of Alexander Ovechkin and a mini pool table. (To be clear, this home wasn't chosen for its Capitals flare, but because the flare came out of nowhere. #NowhereFlare)

4) $2M Shaw Loft Breaks Down Walls in the Best Kind of Way
This Shaw home may have one of the most open floor plans we've ever seen. At first glance, it looks like the 4,372-square-foot loft is one single, expansive room. With each part of the room sectioned off without walls, but instead couches and chairs to lounge on, this weird home lands on our list at number four.

3) NBA All-Star Gilbert Arenas' Great Falls Home Sold for $2.5M
It took Washington Wizards athlete Gilbert Arenas over two years to finally sell his Great Falls home, and one of the reasons why may have been a massive shark tank that used to be in the kitchen. Check out the shark tank along with the velvet-lined entertainment room that stayed.

2) Will This $6.5M Schoolhouse Finally Get a Passing Grade?
This Trinidad schoolhouse was renovated into 10 rentable lofts, each with its own weird and wonderful personality. The dining room looks perfect for having a seance in, while the living room has a mural of a Ludwig van Beethoven glaring at you. As a cherry on top, the schoolhouse comes with a black lagoon as well.

1) Hobbit-Like Mushroom House of Bethesda is Yours For $1.2M
This seemingly J.R.R. Tolkien-inspired home was built out of passion, pure polyurethane foam coating-covered passion. It's weird, it's whimsical, and it tops our list of the most eyebrow-raising home to come on the market in 2014.