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From Cat Pics to Nic Cage, the Best Washington Maps of 2014

In 2014, we led you in the right direction to understand the ins and outs of Washington, D.C. with maps that ranged from hotels that let you use their bathrooms, the filming locations of Nic Cage movies, every cat picture taken, and every terrible piece of Brutalist architecture in the District. Some maps were more educational as well with maps of murals and female statues and where are the best locations to see fireworks or catch a movie. If you want to not only walk the streets of Washington, but know where you're going, check out our list of the best Curbed Maps of 2014.

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The Ultimate National Treasure Filming Map of America

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Mapping D.C.'s Hotels With A History Of Scandal

A Map Of D.C.'s Eight Most Architecturally Exciting Embassies

Here's Where To Go In D.C. To Catch An Outdoor Movie

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Gotta Go? These Hotels Will Let You Use Their Bathroom

18 Great Places to Watch Fireworks While Avoiding the Mall

Mapping the Very Best Art Deco Sprinkled Around D.C.

From Joan of Arc to Eleanor Roosevelt: Female Statues Mapped

At Last, All of the Cat Pictures in D.C. Have Been Mapped

Nasty Brutalist And Short: D.C.'s Famous Mid-Century Buildings

Mapping The Most Cringeworthy Intersections in D.C.

The 18 Most Essential Hotels in Washington D.C., November '14

Mapping 18 Street Murals in Northeast, Washington, D.C.

Mapping 61 Street Murals in Northwest, Washington, D.C.

Take Our Eight Point Architectural Walking Tour of Georgetown