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The Most Essential Curbed Posts For The Holiday Season

Baby, it's cold outside, so stay warm and cozy in the comfort of these eight essential posts for the holiday season. Consider it a gift from us to you with past articles that include the best hotels you should spend your vacation in, a top five list of the best neighborhoods in the Washington Metropolitan area to see holiday decorations, and a drinking game that is sure to liven up any party. Jingle rock your way over to the list, and have a merry holiday season!

8) Curbed Interviews: John Learner
Meet the man who is responsible for making 85-pound gingerbread houses every year that are so big that you can't even wrap your arms around them. Dentist by day and gingerbread artisan by night, we'll ignore the dental oxymoron of the connection between sweets and cavities by admiring these housing delights.

7) Ugly Christmas Lights
These homes might be the most terrible examples of holiday decorations we've ever seen. We're all for getting creative with string lights and Santa inflatables, but these neighbors have taken it too far.

6) This Year's Gingerbread White House Comes With A Sugary Kitchen Garden
This article is an oldie, but a goodie with Michelle Obama unveiling a 300-pound White House made out of gingerbread. Whether or not you agree with her or her husband's politics, we can all agree that this is one impressive gingerbread sculpture.

5) Here's A Few Out Of Town Holiday Rentals Just For Fun
Want to get away from the family for the holiday season? We created a list of five rental options (Civil War log home included) only an hour or so outside of the city so you can be just close enough to the family, but just far enough as well. (You're welcome.)

4) The 18 Most Essential Hotels in Washington D.C., November '14
Make way for the holiday season by knowing which hotel is right for you in Washington. As the months get colder, we recommend these 18 hotels to keep you warm as you travel for family festivities.

3) The Best of the Brightest
Want to take a tour around the top five neighborhoods with the best and brightest decorations? National real estate brokerage Redfin compiled a list of the top five neighborhoods in the Washington Metropolitan area as well as the nation for winter wonderland decorations.

2) Call Me Maybe Meets 10,000 Christmas Lights
Hey, I just met you, and this is crazy, but here are some holiday lights that twinkle to the beat of Call Me Maybe.

1) Play The Curbed Drinking Game This Holiday Season!
What is winter without alcohol? Overindulge this holiday season with the Curbed Drinking Game. Some of the rules include that you must take a drink if a listing describes a home as "in the heart of a trendy neighborhood."

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