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Asburyans Unite

The streetcar that is expected to run from H Street and Benning Road NE by the end of the year has experienced another bump in its plans. Members of the Asbury United Methodist Church are worried that the streetcar will disrupt the church's services. To make room for the streetcar, many service lanes and parking spaces in front of the K Street entrance of the church would be "ditched," according to The Washington Post. Rather than take the parking spaces, another possibility would be for the District to take over 12 feet of lawn. In protest, members of the church have posted a makeshift banner with the words "Asburyans Unite — You have nothing to lose BUT Your Front Lawn." One worry that church members have is that the shaking of the streetcar would damage the church's stone structure and stained-glass panels. The church is listed in the National Register of Historic Places and served as a refuge in the Underground Railroad. [WaPo; previously]