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Will This $6.5M Schoolhouse Finally Get a Passing Grade?

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If the saying, "Don't judge a book by its cover," rings true, then you can rest assured that there is no way to know what to expect simply by looking at this historic schoolhouse. After months of going on the market, off the market, and on the market again, the listing is now under contract for a total $6,500,000. The school was originally listed in October 2013 with an asking price of $7,250,000. After an almost $1 million reduction over the course of a year, all we can ask is will this listing finally land a buyer? While incredibly pricey, the school house has been reconstructed to have 10 rentable loft units. Even so, if it's taken so long for a homebuyer to close on the sale, we're unsure of how many renters would be interested in some of its more nightmarish qualities. How many renters are really keen on having a black lagoon anyway? Some of the more hair-raising highlights include a dining room that looks perfectly designed for a seance with naked lightbulbs circling around a black table. Meanwhile, a mural of a judgmental Ludwig van Beethoven leers at you from the living room with plants coming this, that, and every direction. With an incredibly blue bathroom, an inexplicably white bedroom, and a roof deck that resembles a forest, you could break your neck as you look up and around at all of the details cluttering the 50-foot-high ceilings of this humble 9,500-square-foot abode.

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