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See Inside D.C.'s Most Expensive Home on the Market

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Described as a "once in a lifetime opportunity," this home is yours if you happen to have a budget that can support an eight-digit listing price. At $22 million, this home has been on the market for almost an entire year. It's no reason why because who wouldn't ask, "What exactly am I gonna do with 10 rooms?" Surprisingly enough, more than half of the photographs of the 26,900-square-foot home don't even show the inside. Regardless, it'd be hard not to emphasize the 34,000-square-foot lot that includes private gardens, expansive lawns, a water fountain, and arched doorways that lead to a terrace. Originally built in 1914, the listing describes it as "perfect for an embassy, school, [or] discerning individual." If you, yourself, happen to be a "discerning individual," take a look inside to see if this will soon become your next dream home.

· 2320-2330 S Street, NW [Redfin]