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Gondolas from Georgetown to Rosslyn Metro? Yes, Please

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With hopes for streetcars and a Georgetown Metro stop, the Georgetown 2028 Action Plan is on the move with progress for a new means of transportation that will take Washington, D.C. by flight. With plans for a gondola lift connecting Georgetown and Rosslyn Metro Station, the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) is nearing their first milestone, reports UrbanTurf. Already 65 percent of the funds to finance a formal feasability study have been raised along with a request drafted for proposals from study consultants. Described as "easily the boldest of the plans" in the Georgetown 2028 plan, the BID is looking into engineering challenges and input from the Federal Aviation Administration for helicopter rides over the Potomac River. According to the Georgetown 2028 plan, each gondola will be able to accommodate four to 20 passengers, while the gondola lift will be able to carry more than 4,000 passengers in each direction per hour. The gondola plan was not selected for financing by the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments. Hopes are to be able to raise the remaining funds for the project by the end of the year.

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