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Plans for the Olympics in Washington, D.C. Take Flight

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The 2024 Summer Olympic Games may seem far off in the distance, but plans are already being made to create as detailed a proposal as possible to bring the Olympics to Washington. Proposed sites for the 28 events include Poplar Point and FedEx Field.The preferred location for the Olympic Stadium is at 2400 East Capitol St SE where the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium is located. Swimmers would use a newly constructed Arlington aquatic center, tennis players would play at a new tennis facility east of the Anacostia River, and badminton and table tennis players would utilize the Gaylord National Convention Center at National Harbor. Already, a team organizing the effort took members of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) on helicopter rides over the National Mall and the Anacostic River, reported The Washington Post.

A team of executives, which include Wizards and Capitals owner Ten Leonsis, have raised $5 million for the effort. The Olympic Games is estimated to run between $4 billion and $5 billion for an operations budget. The USOC will make their decision on the preferred city in January 2015. Washington is competing with Boston, Los Angeles and San Francisco for the spot. The International Olympic Committee will make the final decision in 2017.
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