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Branch Out with This Wood-Paneled Takoma Park Bungalow

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How wood you feel about a Takoma Park home with wood-paneled floors, walls, and ceilings? They may not be the most poplar feature in homes nowadays, but if we get right down to the root of it, this bungalow is the perfect rustic escape from the concrete and steel of the city. If you're pining for more, this one-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom home also comes with wallpaper with a brick-walled pattern. The basement certainly isn't the prettiest thing, and this home may have the narrowest bathroom we've ever seen, so this bungalow may need some sprucing up. Even so, yew can't beat getting warm and cozy this winter by snuggling up near the fireplace. If you like it both rustic and a little rough around the edges, this home can be yours for $399,000.

· 111 Van Buren Street, NW [Redfin]