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Homes in Washington, D.C. Selling Way Faster Than Last Year

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Slow and steady may win the race, but some of Washington, D.C.'s neighborhoods may beg to differ. From research done by national real estate brokerage Redfin, the median amount of days that homes were on the market for Q3 of 2014 was slower than in 2013. Even so, there were some exceptions with the biggest being Georgetown with a median 26 days faster from last year. Most neighborhoods were on the market for under 10 days in Q3, with NoMA selling the fastest with a median 5.5 days. Want to know if your neighborhood's on the rise? More information after the jump. Some neighborhoods were left out of the data due to a lack of activity needed to assess a reliable median number.

Neighborhoods That Were Faster This Year Compared to Last

• Georgetown – 26 days faster

• Anacostia – 9.5 days faster

• Navy Yard – 6.5 days faster

Neighborhoods where median days on the market is under 10 days:

• NoMa — 5.5 days on the market

• Mount Pleasant — 6.5 days on the market

• Atlas District — 7 days on the market

• Southwest/Waterfront — 7.5 days on the market

• U Street — 9 days on the market

• Brentwood — 9 days on the market

• Capitol Hill — 9 days on the market

· The Median Sold Prices for Washington, D.C.'s Neighborhoods [Curbed DC