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Concept Designs Near Completion for Robinson Terminal North

While concept designs for Robinson Terminal South were rejected for being too trendy, the process for approval of designs for Robinson Terminal North seems to be reaching an end. The twice-reviewed concept designs have been reworked, and now it looks like the developers have found what they're looking for. The development will include two mixed-use buildings, referred to as the East Building and the West Building. The East Building will include three stories of multifamily units and one of commercial "active use," while the West Building will include six stories with two residential towers. A boutique hotel with 281 underground parking spaces will be located between the two. Both the West and East buildings will be located on 500 and 501 Union Street, respectively, between Founders and Oronoco Bay Parks. Other highlights for the Potomac waterfront development include an open layout with a new pier, vistas, and outdoor dining.

Next up in the Alexandria waterfront overhaul: Robinson Terminal North

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