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Contemporary Dupont Circle Condo Lists for $744,900

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A 1,601-square-foot condo just hit the market in Dupont Circle, and it's way above the median listing price and way below the median price per square foot for the area with an asking price of $774,900, or $481 per square. (Just to let you know, the median listing price is $377,200 with $570 per square foot). Regardless, if you like a lot of hardwood flooring and chrome, this house may just pique your interest. The listing agent is keen to note that there are 14 windows and three skylights within the two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo, but even with the refreshing amount of daylight, the condo has been on and off the market since August. One reason why might be the somewhat awkward layout. The placement of the fireplace is also a little awkward, serving as a column right in the middle of the walkway between the dining room and living room. That said, a commute or day trip to Dupont Circle is a breeze with the location only two metro stops away. · 1731 T St NORTHWEST [Redfin]
- Michelle Goldchain