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Get Spooked by the Six Scariest Statues In and Around D.C.

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These Washington, D.C. statues give the Dr. Who's weeping angels a run for their money. Two statues in particular, Black Aggie and The Awakening, have been listed as one of the scariest statues in the nation numerous times. We'll admit that there are a few choices on here that could be considered "debatable" on whether or not they're scary or even creepy, but we try to explain why they definitely give us the heebie jeebies. Whether cloaked and mysterious or enormous and threatening, these are the six scariest statues in and around Washington, D.C.

1) The Adams Memorial
This statue is identical to the Black Aggie in Lafayette Square, but is plagued by an ominous story. The statue, otherwise known as the Grief Statue, is a memorial Marion Hooper Adams, who committed suicide in 1885. 2) The Awakening
Is it a zombie or is Jack the Beanstalk's giant coming for revenge? This statue is made of cast iron and was originally part of a city-wide public art exhibition.

3) Black Aggie
Many urban legends surround Black Aggie, one of which is if you sleep on her lap, the ghosts of the grave beneath her will haunt you. Because of this legend, many people broke into the Maryland Druid Ridge Cemetery where she was originally located. Now, the statue stands behind the Dolley Madison House of Lafayette Square.

4) Walter Johnson Statue
This statue was meant to depict baseball player Walter Johnson, but soon became known as a multi-armed monster. In the words of the athlete's grandson, "It just doesn't work."

5) Bust of John F. Kennedy
This looks like what would happen if John F. Kennedy and The Thing had a scary child. While not incredibly horrifying, this bust made the list for looking a little too much like the main character in The Fly.

6) Theodore Roosevelt Statue
Every man is an island, but when that island is almost completely barren, it starts to give you a bad vibe. Especially when the only presence on Theodore Roosevelt Island is this guy, waving his arm as if to welcome you, knowing you were coming all along.

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