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Bethesda Needs More Green; Here Comes a Metro Park

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Bethesda is in need of some public spaces, and while Bethesda's Metro station wasn't originally on the table for this grand vision, it looks like it is now. Two design concepts for a "Bethesda Metro Park" were recently presented in a Planning Department-hosted property owners forum. The concepts involve constructing a plaza on top of Bethesda's Metro station with a great lawn, retail kiosks, and interactive water features. The existing plaza is described as lacking curb appeal, "disconnected [and lacking] visible and functional green space," and "not being utilized to full potential." These plans are part of a new initiative to build more parks, civic spaces, and other public areas. Without a "true civic space" in downtown Bethesda, there has since been a greater emphasis on creating and improving public plazas, green spaces, and sidewalks that connect these areas. The hope of transforming the Metro Park into an actual public park is to "recapture the historic and symbolic center of Bethesda."

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