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Zoning Board Approves Micro-Unit 'Paradise' in Georgetown

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A "micro-millennial paradise" is in the works in Georgetown, but comes with a big catch. Reported first by Urban Turf, this project comes with 140 furnished units, and the residents will receive Capital Bikeshare and car share memberships, but will sign a lease that prevents them from parking on Georgetown streets. There will be 24 parking spaces onsite for retail and 42 off-site parking spaces for retail tenants and residents. Additional plans for the project include that each unit be 330-square-feet or less and the construction of 11,000-square-feet of "significant shared-living spaces." These shared spaces may include shared kitchens, shared laundry, living rooms,dens, a fitness facility, a library, or game room.
The micro-unit project will be located on the site of the 10-story Latham Hotel at 3000 M Street, NW. The project will incorporate the hotel's building along with an existing market shed building at 3000 M Street, NW for a retail pavilion. The hotel's 54 parking spaces will be converted into amenity space. The developer requested a series of zoning variances and exceptions, which have since been approved. The project only recently gained approval from Board of Zoning Adjustment, and developer SB-Urban acquired the property last November for $45.4 million

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