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Five Stories of Luxury in $10.5M Georgetown Townhome

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This 5,400-square-feet townhome was built in 1809, but experienced some heavy renovations by architect Hugh Newell Jacobsen. With an asking price of $10,500,000, some of the many notable features of this four-bedroom, six-bathroom home include a 19-foot-wide kitchen, an elevator, geothermal heating and cooling, and a pool. There are also fun features like a custom built floor-to-ceiling bookcase and a walk-in closet with room for hundreds of pairs of shoes. The color scheme is white as a hospital, save for the artworks on the walls as well as a Calder-like mobile in the living room. If you're wondering about parking, the home also comes with a "2+" detached garage.

· 3255 N Street, NW [Estately]