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Potentially Iconic Office Building Planned in Courthouse

This site is called a "major gateway" and may soon include Courthouse's newest iconic feature. A plan was recently submitted to the county's zoning division for a 12-story office building. The building will include 181,275-square-feet of floor space for office uses and 6,800-square-feet of ground story retail. The development is being called 2025 Clarendon Boulevard and will total 25,000-square-feet of land area. To make room, the Wendy's at 2038 Wilson Boulevard and the Wells Fargo bank at 2026 Wilson Boulevard will be demolished. Other plans for the development include the construction of 233 underground parking spots, a small plaza at the main intersection, and LEED Gold-certification. There are additional plans for improvement of the streetscape along Wilson and Clarendon Boulevards.

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